Ny läsning: "Hjälten" (novell) av Kaj Karlsson

Kustjägaren och operatören Gustav Sterner befinner sig i Kenya på uppdrag av det svenska utrikesdepartementet. När islamister från somaliska al-Shabaab genomför ett terrorattentat mot ett köpcentrum i Nairobi, måste han agera mot hotet och hjälpa alla oskyldiga.

Hjälten är den fjärde novellen om kustjägaren och SSG-operatören Gustav Sterner.

Kaj Karlsson är f d reservofficer, analytiker och har haft stora framgångar med debutromanen Operation Nordvind. År 2014 vann han Indie Book Awards Sweden med den spännande uppföljaren Parsifaldirektivet

Sagt om böckerna:

”Kaj Karlsson skriver bra, det är lättläst och underhållande…” – Sydsvenskan

”… välskriven och spännande. Ser redan fram emot nästa del!” – Erik Hultgrens bokhandel

”… en spionroman som går i de breda fotspår Guillou lämnade bakom sig …” –

Kommer även som ljudbok.

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Hjälten (ebok)
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The Cabin – A Photo Essay

What is essential? 

To sit at the window in the passing hours, drinking, studying the nuances of the shifting ocean. Watching sunbeams across the table, not thinking of anything but passing ideas. From the threshold of the cabin, watching the seasons and the magic of the eternal return. 

The being is taking root: at the edge of the world, time does not matter. Between dreams and memories, there is the present. 

Restricting movement and action to go deeper, trying to make the moment last forever; the Buddhist satori, that fleeting moment that disappears once glimpsed. 

The scent of forest slipping in through gaps, earth resting beneath the wooden floor, waves crashing in the distance. Sparks from the fire rises towards the dark sky, fades and melts into the stars. 

One absorbs the universe, paying attention to its details – impressions enhanced by solitude. The purpose of living is right here. Why believe in a spiritual force outside of nature? 

The religious mystics longs for a place beyond earth. The cabin dweller wants to be a part of it.


80° North – A Svalbard Odyssey

The Arctic desolation and the force of nature does something to your mind and the perception of self and life, as you are reminded of your unimportance in the moving of events. Svalbard has the notion of a holy place, the mythical Shambala, the pure land of the Buddhist that western explorers searched for in Asia but never found.

At the 80th parallel north, rain and snow are always in the air when the short autumn season give way to winter. Ice and snow and wind. Cold air from the polar ice cap, just nine hundred kilometers to the north: a premonition of danger. The hostile environment will claim an uncareful life. 

As low clouds move in and the sun settles for good, fog and darkness engulfs the snow covered mountains rising above the ocean. No illuminated houses on land, no cars or airplanes. No light pollution from cities.  Man is a marginal presence in the Arctic, a temporary guest at the mercy of the wilderness leading a fragile life based on extracting and burning coal. A lonely existence.

Svalbard is barren, rugged and desolate. Glaciers and streams shape mountain ridges and valleys. Rivers bring sediments into deltas. It is like the beginning of time, as if the volcanic eruptions and continental shifts only just ended. It is a looking glass into Earth’s past: how it was before mankind, and how it will be after we are long gone. Untouched. Epic.

Want more? The book “80° North” is a photographic story of Svalbard and Spitsbergen, the cluster of islands close to the North Pole. Included are more than 120 unique images, offering a contemplating read.